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What is the Adventurer Club?
Adventurers is a character building club for ages 4-9. The children will particitpate in weekly club activities and learn new skills as they work toward earning honor badges. We are part of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, but we accept children of all faiths. We teach that Jesus loves us and we should do our best for Him.

Club Levels

Little Lambs age 4
Eager Beavers age 5
Busy Bee age 6 or 1st grade
Sunbeam age 7 or 2nd grade
Builder age 8 or 3rd grade
Helping Hand age 9 or 4th grade

Contact Us
If you know of a child 4-9 years old who would be interested in joining our club, please contact us using the information provided below.



(828) 524-5493


Each class works on honors that teach spiritual and life skills. Teachers will be choosing a honor for each class.
We had a successful fundraiser selling calendars, greeting cards, and Christmas cards. Thank you to all who participated. We also have some of the products left over, if you are interested in purchasing anything please get in touch with one of the Adventurer staff or children.
Outings are planned to reward for club activity and attendance!


Upcoming Honor
Upcoming Program




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