Franklin Seventh Day Adventist® Church

Church Closure Information

May 22, 2020

In compliance with state and federal regulations, our church has received permission from the Carolina Conference to resume in-person worship services on a limited basis. 

The worship service will begin at 11:15 am, with no Sabbath-School programs. All attendees are strongly encouraged to wear a protective mask or facial covering over their mouth and nose to help prevent spread of disease. While we know it may be difficult, we ask all attendees to maintain social distancing with others outside of your family group or household, and avoid handshaking, hugging, or other forms of physical contact. If the Sanctuary becomes too crowded, some attendees may be asked to view the service via video from the fellowship hall. 

Hand sanitizer will be available around the church building and frequent hand washing or use of sanitizer is strongly encouraged. We will continue to work to sanitize the building and frequently touched surfaces to help keep our attendees safe. 

Any person who is sick, or has been in close contact with someone who is sick with any type of contagious illness should not attend and is encouraged to join our service via live stream. Any person who is considered "high-risk" for contracting a respiratory illness (over 65 or with pre-existing medical conditions) is encouraged to remain home and continue watching our service via live-stream. 


General Guidelines for Churches from the Carolina Conference

  • Strict social distancing and sanitizing guidelines
  • No Community Meals
  • Members considered at higher-risk are encouraged to continue to watch via live-stream or other means

See the Carolina Conference Website for information (HERE)
See the NC Governor's Website for info on the Stare of North Carolina's phased re-opening plan (HERE)



March 21, 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the temporary suspension of our on-site worship services and prayer meetings to protect the health of our church members.  

Please visit our Social Media video pages to see past sermons. Also, we will be live streaming weekly sermons presented by Pastor Marshall or other speakers, so check in at worship time on Sabbath for live stream video of new sermons. 

Click the links on the right for direct access to our social media video sites. 

Other options for Sabbath viewing material are listed as well, so check them out!

Tithe and Offerings may be given securely online by clicking the "Online Giving" tab above which will take you to the AdventistGiving website for our church. Please contact the church or the Pastor if you are in need of assistance or have any questions about  this closure.


Click HERE for information from the Carolina Conference on the closings and their impact on our conference.